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toot! I'm a & social justice & from , Kentucky. Most of my career has been spent in , behind the scenes. The past few years I decided to get out in front to try to make things better.

I'm really in the wrong field.

"Baltimore officials will pay consultant $176,800 to help police department maintain Lotus Notes system"

@samedelstein Thanks for joining! I look forward to seeing your toots! :D

Working on fixing door access for our open co-working space. Hand out an esp8266 that fetches the rotating door code. It's programmed to automatically hop on muni wifi when near. I'll share the code once it's done!

So, I just promoted on the bird site. Let's see if anyone gives a shit.

@mattgawarecki @amdev83 I started working on, using the USDS jekyll theme. Let me know what you think!

Cultivate the Karass at

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